Vacuum pump/Blower

The micro-oil screw vacuum pump is equipped with a minimal amount of lubricating oil system on the basis of the screw vacuum pump. It uses the rotational motion of the screw to extract and discharge gas, and seals and lubricates it with minimal amount of lubricating oil during operation. The micro-oil screw vacuum pump mainly Used for vacuuming gases, widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food processing, electronics and other fields.

Type Features & Advantages
  • High vacuum degree: The micro-oil screw vacuum pump has a high pumping speed and can quickly extract a large amount of gas to reach a high vacuum degree, and can quickly meet production or process needs.
  • Low noise and vibration: The micro-oil screw vacuum pump adopts a low noise and low vibration design, which is very important for areas that require silence, such as laboratories and precision machining.
  • Wide applicability: The micro-oil screw vacuum pump is suitable for various types of gases such as dry gases, corrosive gases, steam and ash-containing gases. It has strong adaptability and reliability and is suitable for a variety of application scenarios.
  • Energy-saving and efficient: The micro-oil screw vacuum pump performs well in terms of energy utilization efficiency. It adopts advanced design and control technology to achieve lower energy consumption and efficient working performance.
  • Easy maintenance: Micro-oil screw vacuum pumps have high reliability and stability, and maintenance is relatively simple, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
Application Areas
  • Packaging and Canning
    Super vacuuming ability, can be used in vacuum food packaging.
  • Timber Processing
    Can be used to maintain and hoist wood, dry wood, and preserve wood.
  • Printing And Papermaking
    Can be used in degassing systems for vacuum filtration, vacuum evaporation and dehydration to ensure product quality.
  • Plastic
    Degassing can be carried out in the screw extrusion part and used for vacuum forming, drying, pneumatic conveying and other links.