Micro oil screw air compressor

Micro-oil screw air compressor is the mainstream application in the air compressor market at present. It has superior and reliable performance, small operating vibration, low noise, high efficiency and no wearing parts. Between the yin and yang rotors and between the rotor and the body shell The close connection reduces gas backflow leakage and improves equipment energy efficiency; only the rotors mesh with each other and there is no reciprocating motion of the cylinder, which reduces the source of vibration and noise, reduces noise, and saves energy. The micro-oil screw air compressor is Liyang mainstream products.

Type Features & Advantages
  • High efficiency and energy saving: Compared with traditional air compressors, micro-oil screw air compressors adopt advanced screw compression technology, which can produce higher gas compression efficiency with lower energy consumption, achieve energy saving and emission reduction, and reduce operating costs.
  • Stable and reliable: Micro-oil screw air compressors use high-quality mechanical components and advanced control systems. The lubricating oil ensures that the screw can maintain low vibration and noise levels during long-term operation, ensuring stable gas output.
  • Easy maintenance: Micro-oil screw air compressors have few wearing parts and long maintenance intervals, reducing downtime and repair costs. In addition, it also has automated fault diagnosis and alarm systems to facilitate timely handling of potential problems.
  • Environmental protection and quietness: Micro-oil screw air compressor pays attention to environmental protection and energy saving in the design and manufacturing process. It adopts advanced energy-saving control system and oil and gas separation technology to effectively reduce energy consumption and noise pollution.
  • Diversified applications: Micro-oil screw air compressors are suitable for a variety of application scenarios. Whether in industrial production, construction, or automobile maintenance, micro-oil screw air compressors can be used to provide a stable and reliable air source.
Application Areas
  • Industrial Production
    Higher work efficiency, better process flow, less energy consumption, more safety.
  • Building Roads and Bridges
    Different models of products are suitable for complex and changeable working environments.
  • Petroleum Gas
    Trouble-free control system and process flow ensure higher quality product output.
  • Textile
    Higher production efficiency, less repair and maintenance costs, better fabric quality, less waste.