Oil-free screw air compressor

Oil-free compressed air, as a purer compressed gas, is widely used in the medical, food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor electronics industries that have higher air requirements. In these industries, the quality of compressed air has an important impact on the quality of products and production processes. It has a vital impact. It has put forward higher technical requirements for compressor manufacturers. As a promoter of oil-free compressed air technology, Liyang continues to improve oil-free compressed air technology and provides services to the medical, food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor electronics industries. Provides excellent compressed air.

Type Features & Advantages
  • Supply clean air: Oil-free air compressors provide clean compressed air without producing oil mist or contaminants. Very important for the food processing, medical and electronic industries.
  • Environmental protection: avoid oil pollution and the generation of oil and gas mixtures.
  • Efficient and energy-saving: Provides the same compressed air output at lower power consumption to achieve energy-saving effects.
  • Low noise: No noise pollution.
  • Wide application: widely used in medicine, medical treatment, food, electronics, tobacco, chemical industry and other industries.
Application Areas
  • Food
    Provides oil-free air source for liquid powder transportation and packaging.
  • Pharmaceutical
    High-purity air, reduced pollution risks, more efficient process, and reduced waste.
  • Petrochemical
    Improving product purity, optimizing process flow, less waste, and more safety.
  • Electronic
    Uninterrupted control systems and maintaining an ultra-clean production environment are critical to product quality.