Internet of Things Solution

This is the era of "Internet of Everything". Liyang Company keeps up with the technological development trend of the times and launched the cloud platform solution of the Internet of Things, which uses Internet of Things technology to connect air compressor equipment to the Internet and monitor, manage and control through the cloud platform. It is convenient to monitor the operation status and abnormal information of the equipment in a timely and accurate manner to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. At the same time, remote control and intelligent operation and maintenance are provided to improve the management efficiency of equipment and realize intelligent management of equipment.

Internet of Things Cloud Platform Solution

Scheme Features & Advantages
  • Stability: Adopt mature Internet of Things technologies and components to ensure stable and efficient networking and data transmission.
  • Security: 128-bit dynamic data encryption mode is adopted to ensure data security.
  • Open: The gateway module provides a PS485 or Ethernet interface and contains multiple protocols to connect and remotely monitor different devices.
  • Scalable: The cloud platform provides a variety of clients for PC, Android and IOS.
  • Convenient: The device is conveniently connected to the cloud platform through the gateway module or intelligent human-machine interface.