As a relatively clean power source, oil-free compressed air is widely used in the medical and food industries. It provides power for pneumatic tools in hospital departments and food production lines, provides breathing air for ventilators and anesthesia machines, and is used in food factories. Container cleaning, raw material mixing, assisted fermentation, etc.

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Compressed Gas Supply

The compressor can provide medical compressed gas for use in operating rooms, intensive care units, anesthesia equipment, ventilators, etc.

Drive Device

As a relatively clean source of power, compressed air is used to power medical equipment and food production equipment.

Clean And Dry

Compressed air can be used for cleaning and sterilizing medical equipment and food machinery. Compressed air can be used for high-pressure washing, spraying and rapid drying of equipment.

Raw material Handling

Compressed air can be used to stir and sieve food raw materials, assist fermentation, and optimize production processes.


Oil-free air compressor optimizes finished product quality

Due to the need for safe production, many equipment in food companies are driven and controlled by compressed air during the production process. However, traditional lubricating oil screw air compressors will produce oil vapor and oil mist during operation, which will pollute the food production environment , affecting the flavor of food and causing food safety problems. The use of oil-free air compressors can eliminate such problems.

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Care and maintenance for oil-free air compressors

Due to the needs of food safety, in order to ensure the stable operation of oil-free air compressors, regular maintenance of oil-free air compressors is required. Because the food production environment is very complex, the air compressor should be placed in a dry and clean area. Regular maintenance Check and clean the filter, check and replace the filter element, and check and clean the cooling system. Although oil-free air compressors do not use lubricating oil, regular inspection of the lubrication system is also necessary.

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