Compressed air plays an important role in the petrochemical production process, providing power sources, control equipment and auxiliary support to ensure efficient operation and safety of the process.

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A large number of pumps, compressors, mixers, separators and other equipment are used in the petrochemical production process, and compressed air can provide a power source for them.

Gas Transport

In the petrochemical production process, various gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen often need to be transported. An air compressor can compress the gas and transport it to the required location.

Oxidative Deoxygenation

In the process of oil refining and chemical manufacturing, oxygen in compressed air can undergo oxidation reactions with organic matter and is used for chemical production, resin synthesis and changes in material properties. Compressed nitrogen can be used as a deoxidizer, from chemical reaction systems eliminate oxygen.

Stress Testing and Inspection

In the petrochemical industry, pressure testing and inspection of pipelines, containers, equipment and pipeline systems is very important. Compressed air can provide the required test pressure through the pressure control system and is used to test the tightness, strength and reliability of equipment and systems.


The role of permanent magnet variable frequency compressors in the petrochemical industry

In the petrochemical production process, there are high requirements for the stability of compressed air supply. Liyang permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor can adjust the output pressure and flow in a short time, maintain a stable air supply pressure, and meet the needs of the petrochemical process for stable Pressure requirements. Through frequency conversion speed control, the output power and compressed air supply can be intelligently adjusted according to actual needs to optimize energy consumption.

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Application of air compressors in gas synthesis and refrigeration

In addition to providing power, air compressors are most commonly used in the petrochemical industry for gas synthesis and refrigeration. Certain gases are increased in pressure through a specific air compressor and then the gas is synthesized to meet production requirements. In many cases, gases can be compressed and cooled by air compressors in the chemical industry, and then expanded to obtain gases of suitable purity.

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