Mobile Air Compressor

As a portable air compressor, the mobile air compressor is an ideal choice for industrial production and outdoor construction enterprises that require mobile air sources. Liyang Company has been working in the field of mobile air compressors for many years and is committed to energy saving in mobile air compressor equipment. R&D and innovation of miniaturization and miniaturization, and working hard to achieve the goal of "no worries about air sources anytime, anywhere", we have developed a variety of mobile air compressor products such as diesel engine drive and motor drive.

Type Features & Advantages
  • Portable: The mobile air compressor is compact in design, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Independent: The mobile air compressor is scientifically designed and includes an air compressor, air storage tank, control system and other necessary components. It does not require other auxiliary equipment and can operate independently.
  • Efficient: integrated, mobile and flexible, and can be quickly deployed to application scenarios.
  • Wide range of applications: Mobile air compressors can be used in various applications, such as construction sites, automobile repairs, industrial maintenance, etc. It has a variety of pressure and flow options to meet the needs of different industry scenarios.
  • Easy to maintain: Mobile air compressors are easy to maintain and maintain, making routine cleaning, inspections and repairs very convenient.
Application Areas
  • Architecture and Road and Bridge Construction
    Widely used in construction and road and bridge construction sites. Provides compressed air for pneumatic tools such as impact drills, pneumatic hammers, spray guns, nail guns, etc., and is also used for concrete spraying, sanding, cleaning and dust removal.
  • Car Repair and Maintenance
    Widely used in tire inflation, painting, pneumatic tool operation, and vehicle maintenance and upkeep.
  • Industrial Maintenance and Manufacturing
    Used to supply air to drive pneumatic machinery, control systems, pneumatic conveying and pneumatic control equipment, for maintenance and maintenance of equipment, and cleaning of work areas.
  • Agriculture and rural areas
    In agriculture and rural areas, it can be used to drive irrigation systems, clean agricultural equipment, spray pesticides, etc.