Corporate Events

Liyang Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Yudong Parts Factory, which focused on the testing services of air compressor equipment, and later focused on the production of air compressor parts. In the 1990s, Yudong Parts Factory successfully transformed. Entering the screw air compressor market.
Year 2012
Market-oriented restructuring, Liyang Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established
Year 2013
Intensive cultivation of the minicomputer market nationwide
Year 2014
Introducing special air compressors suitable for the oil and gas industry
Year 2015
Launched XT series two-stage compression energy-saving air compressor
Year 2016
The core brand "Xinliyang" series products are launched
Year 2017
"Xinliyang" air compressor won the honorary title of "CCTV Listed Brand" in the manufacturing industry
Year 2018
The company won the honorary title of "Hebei High-tech Enterprise"
Year 2019
Construction of a new production base of 50 acres has begun in Renqiu Economic Development Zone
Year 2022
The new production base is put into use