After-sale Warranty

Warranty PeriodUnder normal use in accordance with our company's "Installation, Maintenance and Instructions", we period services, including 2 years of warranty for the complete machine and 1-5 years of warranty for the air end.
Response Time——内容待斟酌Our company promises to provide free technical training (operation, maintenance) to customers and provide technical consulting services 24 hours a day.Spare parts urgently needed by customers will be provided to the site as soon as possible on a first-use-pay-later basis.
Service PlanIf any product quality problems occur during the warranty period, our company will be responsible for handling them free of charge; after the equipment is put into operation, our company will regularly inspect and maintain the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; if it is due to design, manufacturing defects or material defects, If the equipment breaks down due to defects, our company will repair and replace it with new parts for free for customers. Outside the warranty period, our company can provide lifelong maintenance services.