Our country is a big country in industrial manufacturing. Air compressors are general-purpose equipment in machinery production and manufacturing. They are widely used in many aspects such as power source provision, equipment testing, production line support, and surface spraying of industrial products.

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Source Of Power

Air compressors provide a power source for the manufacturing industry and are used to drive pneumatic equipment, such as pneumatic drills, pneumatic hammers, pneumatic grinding wheels, etc., for metal processing, grinding, drilling and other operations.

Control System

The compressed air provided by the air compressor can be used to control and operate mechanical equipment, such as driving valves, pneumatic actuators and pneumatic control systems to achieve automated control of mechanical equipment.


During the coating and surface treatment process, the air compressor can be used to generate high-pressure air, drive the spray gun or sandblasting gun, and spray paint or abrasives onto the surface of the workpiece to achieve spraying and sandblasting operations.

Purge Clean

The high-pressure air generated by the air compressor and the high-pressure water pump driven by the compressed air can clean dust, dirt and other impurities on the surface of the equipment, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and the cleanliness of the environment.


Manufacturing enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

Companies in the machinery manufacturing industry are large users of air compressors, which are used in many production links. In many companies, air compressors are the second largest type of energy-consuming equipment after production equipment, and energy consumption accounts for 10% of the total production. 20-40% of energy consumption. A company purchased Liyang's two-stage compression permanent magnet screw XTGVⅡ-220 series compressor, which reduced energy consumption by 30% compared with its previous products.

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The importance of stable operation to machinery manufacturing enterprises

Due to factors such as market demand and low and peak seasons, manufacturing companies often need to carry out production continuously, which puts forward higher requirements for the stability and durability of air compressors. As an important auxiliary equipment, air compressors are closely related to The normal operation of multiple production links. Therefore, the stability requirements of air compressor operation often exceed energy consumption and become the most concerned issue for machinery manufacturing enterprises.

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