The cement manufacturing process needs to be carried out with the help of pneumatic systems. Air compressors ensure reliable cement production. With the help of air compressors, production processes such as mixing, conveying, loading and unloading, and transportation can be completed quickly and efficiently. The cement industry is a consumer-driven industry. In industries with high performance and high noise, Liyang compressors are widely used in this industry with their energy-saving and low-noise product advantages.

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Ash Treatment System

Air compressors power machinery responsible for collecting, storing and loading various types of ash, ensuring that ash can be safely managed and disposed of.

Tool Power

Air compressors provide gas power for cement mixers and grinders. This ensures the efficient operation of the tools.


A high-pressure water gun driven by compressed air can clean dust and other solid contaminants on the surface of the equipment.


Cement powder is easy to agglomerate during transportation. The air compressor can keep the cement powder flowing and avoid powder agglomeration.


Energy-saving and low-noise compressors improve the working environment and cost optimization of enterprises

Cement is a high energy-consuming industry. For a long time, electricity consumption and noise pollution have been plaguing cement companies. A certain cement factory is a small and medium-sized cement factory. Due to its scale and its own production process problems, the company's various costs, especially the cost of electricity, have been high. It is still high and there is no extra funds for environmental improvement. After purchasing multiple Liyang HSD-250 air compressors, after one year of use, comprehensive calculation shows that the power consumption is reduced by 10% compared with before; the working noise (overall) is reduced by 20%.

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Energy-saving transformation of air compressors for the cement industry

The energy-saving transformation of the air compressor can match the air pressure output of the air compressor with the amount of gas required by the user's air supply system, so that the system pressure of the pipe network remains unchanged, thereby effectively improving the quality of the air supply and reducing startup time. It affects the air compressor and mechanical components, improves the reliability of the system, and extends the service life of the air compressor. It can also recycle and utilize the waste heat of compressed air for heating and hot water supply in winter to achieve energy saving.

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