Air compressors are widely used in the field of construction roads and bridges. They can be used for road vibration and compaction, transportation of raw materials such as cement, and sandblasting and spraying.

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There are many pneumatic tools and equipment used in road and bridge construction, such as pneumatic drills, pneumatic hammers, pneumatic shovels, pneumatic sprayers, etc. These tools and equipment usually require compressed air as a power source.


In the construction industry, air compressors can provide compressed air to spraying equipment and sandblasting equipment for spraying paint or granular materials to achieve operations such as spraying paint, spraying anti-corrosion coatings, and removing metal rust.

Vibration and Compaction

In pavement and civil construction, vibration and compaction operations are often required to increase the density and stability of the land or pavement. Air compressors can provide compressed air for pneumatic vibrators and pneumatic rollers.

Cleaning and Dusting

Construction road and bridge construction sites often need to clean and dust the construction site, equipment and materials. Air compressors can provide compressed air to pneumatic cleaning equipment, ejectors and vacuum cleaners for cleaning, spraying and vacuuming operations.


Mobile air compressor suitable for various usage scenarios

The construction road and bridge industry usually requires a large amount of compressed air supply for operating tools and equipment, such as impact drills, spraying equipment, vibrators, etc. However, due to limitations in construction conditions and construction requirements, stationary air compressors cannot meet the requirements of frequent movements and Adjustment needs. Liyang diesel-driven/electric-driven air compressors are used in many construction companies due to their durability, flexibility and reliability.

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The use of air compressors in concrete pouring

An important application of air compressors in construction is to pump concrete and transport the concrete to a designated location with pressure. For tunnel construction or foundation reinforcement, mobile air compressors can be used for concrete spraying. By mixing compressed air with concrete By spraying to the construction location, the concrete spraying work can be completed quickly and efficiently.

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